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Free PDF to AutoCAD Converter Online

If you are an engineer, you must have some drawings. Are there any drawings contained in PDF files? As we know PDF files can be read once you've installed Adobe Acrobat Reader. While this is not enough for those engineers who want to edit the drawings. What would you do if you wan to import these PDF format drawings to the AutoCAD for adjustment?

If you've ever thought about to convert your PDF files to AutoCAD friendly drawing formats for editing in a free way, then you should never miss this article. Here we are going to show you a free PDF to AutoCAD Converter online for the free conversion from PDF to AutoCAD. In the following text, you will see the detail steps of how to use the free PDF to AutoCAD converting program online.

Free PDF to AutoCAD Converter Online: Cometdocs

Cometdocs is a free online file conversion application which supports various file formats for converting. Here we used this web application as a free PDF to AutoCAD Converter simply for the reason that it highly supports AutoCAD friendly file formats DXF and DWG as output. This PDF to AutoCAD freeware features in concise site interface, so you can easily convert PDF files to AutoCAD by choosing the right preset output format directly.

Here is the detail guide of how to use this PDF to AutoCAD Converter freeware with ease.

Step 1: Enter the Cometdocs Free Online File Converter homepage from the link Hit the "Free Sign Up" tab on the top of the homepage to sign up with your email address.

Step 2: If you've signed up, just log in. Hit the "Upload File" icon in the "Convert" section to upload your PDF file.

Step 3: Once you've uploaded your PDF file successfully, all the supported output file types will be shown to you in the area of conversion types. You can choose "PDF to AutoCAD (dxf)" or "PDF to AutoCAD (dwg)"as your output file format.

select autocad as conversion type

Step 4: After choosing the right conversion type, you should then type your email address in the "Enter Email" bar and click on the "Send" icon to let this free PDF to AutoCAD Converter online to send the converted file to your email.

The conversion would be a little slow. You should check your email a moment later. Once the conversion is finished, you will get an email in which you can see the content as "Your converted file is now available for download from Cometdocs. Please click on the link below to retrieve your file. The file will be stored for 24 hours."

Tips: This web application can only convert the whole file to your wanted format. If you want to convert specific page(s) to AutoCAD for editing, you can just purchase the Aide PDF to DXF Converter to do the task. This software supports you to select specific page(s) to convert. Besides, it also allows you to batch convert all pages in each PDF file you've input with fast conversion speed.


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