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Free PDF to DXF Converter

DXF sounds like an airport name, but it is actually the acronym for a Drawing Exchange Format file. DXF files are primarily used in AutoCAD and other design programs to save files. Users can convert various different types of files into the DXF file format. The most common conversions are PDF to DXF, and DWG to DXF. There are PDF to DXF Converter Free Softwares available. With a few clicks of your mouse, get your files converted to DXF.

Free PDF to DXF Converter: Able2Extract

Able2Extract is industry leading PDF to Autocad software that is the most accurate solution available today. By using Able2Extract's leading PDF to Autocad conversion feature, users can convert vector images and text into the DWG or DXF formats where it can be used and edited as required.

Step 1: Click the "Browse" button to add your local PDF files.

Step 2: Select the PDF file you want to convert and click the "Open" button.

Step 3: Type your email address in the text box of the "Step 2" section. Click on the "Send" button in the "Step 2" section.

Navigate to your email site. Now you can get the converted DXF files on your folder.

I think this software operation is complicated, it it not suitable with everyone.

PDF to DXF Converter Free Download - Aide

The Aide PDF to DXF Converter is one of the top converters on the market. The program is well-rated, but it is also somewhat pricey for the average user, coming in at just under $200 for the standard software (as of 2009). Convert PDF to DXF Free with this software.

This software is professional, and provide 7*24 hours e-mail technical support, auto-check for update at the first time.

Step 1: Open the program and click the "Add a PDF File" to add the PDF file that you want to convert.

Step 2: Once your files are added, select an output folder. You can choose a folder by clicking the three dots next to "Output DXF Folder". When the window opens, browse for the file and click "Open".

pdf to dxf freeware interface

Step 3: Now click the "Convert" button and the file will convert from PDF to DXF.


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